Cycloc Endo Installation and Data Sheet

All required details regarding the Cycloc Endo Installation of your favourite storage rack can be found in this PDF Data Sheet ready for immediate download

At a glance:

  • Product Features
  • Package Contents
  • Dimensions
  • Versatile – bike styles
  • Setting Out Instructions
  • Installation
  • Drilling Template

The Cycloc Endo together with it’s older brother the Cycloc Solo can be purchased from Mr Cycling World.

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About Cycloc Endo

Cycloc is an internationally registered trademark of Andrew Lang Product Design Ltd. London. Cycloc’s unique ability to carefully combine considered thought with a twist of poetic spirit to create a range of simple, playful and practical products has earned it global recognition with numerous awards and accolades.
Founded in 2006, Cycloc operates from their design studio in London’s creative East End and a manufacturing facility in the UK. A team of skilled and enthusiastic distributors and retailers provide support globally.


  1. Attractive, vertical cycle storage, for home, office or retail applications.
  2. Ideal for high density installations with little space, secure four point fixing, fixings included.
  3. Protect your wheels and wall with wide rubber contact points, front & rear wheel pad included.
  4. Hollow hinge accommodates a conventional bicycle lock.
  5. Available in 7 colours.
Endo wins best in category test, Cycloc Plus Magazine: “When folded out it was the easiest hooked rack use” – Cycling Plus #288
  • Hollow hinge accommodates a conventional bicycle.
  • Rubber contact point protect your wheel.
  • Rebate on the side for easy opening.
  • Discrete four point fixings.
  • Robust glass filled
  • Polypropylene.
  • Fold flat feature only 32mm thick.
  • Integrated wheel pad protects your wall.
  • Wipe clean rubber insert.
  • Self-adhesive pad on rear or optional two point screw fixing.
  • Wipe clean rubber insert.
  • Hook clips open for bike access.
  • Integrated wheel pad protects your wall.
  • Main support unit and secondary wheel pad.
  • Facility to lock.
  • 20 Kg (max).