Geigerrig Australia Has Landed

We are pleased to present an outstanding brand to Australia that has raised the bar when it comes to staying hydrated. Geigerrig hydration packs are what we call innovation. Bike riding and outdoor gear that Geigerrig offers is top notch. It stands out with its extensive offering of complex hydration packs that come in diverse colours, sizes, and equipped with various convenient accessories. All the right stuff you need to ride like a pro. If you were looking into buying cycling gear online, then Geigerrig must have popped up several times, because of the good word of mouth, quality, and convenience.

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Geigerrig puts in diligent effort into creating every single hydration pack with the utmost of detail, in order to create the ultimate hydration pack there is out there. And they are succeeding. It isn’t just a simple hydration pack with a plastic tube, not at all. It’s so much more than that. They drastically expanded the usage of the water pack from just drinking and rehydrating to spraying to cool down, clean, or share with others, which isn’t what you would normally be able to do with an ordinary CamelBack.

The Geigerrig hydration system makes sure you are hydrated continuously, and the backpack hydration system does it all for you. That means no disruptive slurping, just relaxation and supreme hydration. Backpack hydration is taken to the next level with Geigerrig packs. When you are riding, you want the best comfort and to make hydration a convenient process, that doesn’t consume more energy than it’s supposed to. With a Geigerrig pack, you only have to pinch the valve slightly, and the pressurized water bladder will spray water into your mouth. You can fill up your pack with a slide top that you can dunk into a stream or a river with ease, removing any refilling issues that you might have with other packs. The seal is leak free, and keeps the pressure inside of the entire hydration system. Also, the cubic size of each pack is big enough to stay hydrated, get clean, and share with others if that’s necessary.

If you’re wondering about water filtration, it is equipped for plug-and-play, in-line water filtration using a Geigerrig filter or any other for that matter. The Geigerrig hydration bladder can also be purchased separately, as these pressurized water reservoirs are compatible with any pack you might have on you. These top of the line hydration packs are extremely easy to maintain, and are washable in the dishwasher, which is something new and worthwhile. The packs are made of sturdy materials with smooth zippers and firm mesh padding on the back of the waist trap and shoulder straps.

Some packs are equipped with emergency whistles which come in handy if you fall or get lost, while others provide you with internal storage compartments and organisers, as well as air drive ventilation enhancing your performance and cycling experience.

Geigerrig creators went all the way. In fact, they tested out their products before releasing to the market. Wondering how? Imagine a truck driving 100 mph and your water pack is thrown off it. Or imagine your backpack hydration system trapped in bomber attack and being blown up. Yes, that’s exactly how they test their gear, making sure it’s durable, high-quality and serves its purpose.

It’s built for the soloist hiker, biker or a group of cyclists, but whichever the case might be, they guarantee you best bike gear, and the claims aren’t farfetched at all. No wonder the Geigerrig hydration system is getting all the good word of mouth. It’s and outstanding, revolutionary and taking the market by a storm with its uniqueness, accessibility and versatility, giving the ultimate hiker or biker the best experience one could desire.


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