What is Everesting on Strava?

There’s no doubt that Strava is a great tool to help any cyclist manage their riding. I’ve personally seen people who are very new to the sport who have taking to riding their bikes much more with thanks to their Strava motivation. It’s a great way to watch what other people are doing, and at the same time share with others what you are doing. A world of virtual motivation that we’ve really not seen before. For me Strava deserves all the credit it can get, and if anybody from the Strava team happens to read this post consider this a virtual cap tilt on your honour…

Recently there is a new phenomonon I’ve noticed on Strava known as Everesting, and I’m not quite sure what to make of it. But for the most part this blog post is intended to be informative rather than opinionated, so let’s just stick to the facts.

The basics behind “doing an Everest” ride on Strava is to cover how ever many kilometres it takes to climb 8,848m of vertical metres in one ride. The catch? The ride should be a repeat of one road (ie hill) – yep, literally up the hill, turn around and ride back. Repeat. In many cases a few hundred times. The other catch? That no-one else could have “Everested” that stretch of road before.

Everesting 101: Make sure your Garmin is full charged, upload it to Strava ASAP, and instagram photos during your ride. Photo credit: Instagram. (Nice arm warmers BTW!)

The Hells 500 has even created a site dedicated to the massive effort, where they describe a full list of rules.

For further reading TheClimbingCyclist has a good write up and it also got some cool coverage in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Have you ever Everested? Or do you know someone that has? What’s your thoughts on it? Is it possibly creating a risky environment of “too much” for some? Or is it a harmless challenge, good for the soul? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!