A Quick Look at 5 New Bike Pedals

Bicycle pedals have developed throughout the years and with the evolution come multiple choices. There is everything from the classic pedal that offers just the right amount grip for the non-demanding cyclist, to the high tech “clipless” pedals for those who want to boost their performance to the maximum.

We all know cycling is all about the contact between the cyclist and the bicycle.  Searching the Internet can give you a pretty extensive list of reviews of a variety kinds of pedals, as well as manufacturers, and leave you confused and anxious. At Mr Cycling World, we offer several choices for different types of cyclists and desired price range. From MTB to road bike, BMX bikes to city fixies, there are quality options for everyone out there. So let’s take a look at five different pedals to give you an idea of what’s out there.

Bike Pedals from Mr Cycling World

Bike Pedals from Mr Cycling World

1 BMX Flat Pedals

It’s the complete package – slim and slick, while inexpensive at the same time. It’s quite a simple solution that represents a mixture of simple design and ultimate quality. The platform is large, which enables your shoe to get a better grip. In addition, it has reflectors on it. Just the right type of pedal that has it all but you don’t have to pay a great price for it. Overall, it’s a synonym for ease and affordability.

2 City Grip Alloy Pedals

If you live in a world of city pedalists, this is the most comfortable choice there is. These City Grip Alloy Pedals have the lightweight technology, constructed of extremely durable alloy, making sure that the integrated grip provides ultimate comfort. The non-slip rubber surface is perfect for leather shoes and gives you great support when manoeuvring around town.

3 Road Pedals with Toe Clip & Strap

At a great price, all the road bike lovers can get these pedals that combine style and efficacy. These pedals have integrated toe clips and straps, which makes them easy to use. What’s so special about them? They are great for cycling on the hills or upwards and provide security and support. They fit with all kinds of shoes, so you don’t need a specific type of shoe that goes with the strap pedals. Your shoes won’t be entrapped in these, so you needn’t worry.

4 Silver BMX Alloy Flat Pedals

These flat pedals can adapt to just about any kind of a ride – around the town, up the hill, down the road. The major standout feature that makes this slick pedal sturdy and secure with a fantastic grip is the 17 alloy moulded pins per pedal side. Durability is their key asset with a one-piece alloy set that is very lightweight at the same time. The steel axel also contributes to power and durability. Flat pedals in their essence are ideal for a free ride or riding downhill, because they give you the ability of quick placement and removal of the foot as well.

5 Alloy Trekker City Pedals

In search for a pedal that’s flawless for the city paths and country side? These Trekker City Pedals can be the right choice. They feature a good grip providing comfort at the same time. It has one-piece PP body, with reflectors included. It’s just perfect for the city track, with the rounded design and lightweight construction, it’s an entirely affordable package.

Mr Cycling World has several options to choose from, for all kinds of bicycles. Depending on what your usage will be, you can select one of the choices, and what all of them have in common is quality and affordability and maintain the necessary balance between the bicycle and the surface, as well as the user and its bicycle.

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