Spinergy Wheelchair Tyres Sizing Guide

Make no mistake – Spinergy wheels are beautiful. But they’re only as good as the tyre that’s on it, so it’s important to know which Spinergy wheelchair tyres sizes you should be choosing. Spinergy wheelchair wheels will accept any tyre made for wheelchair use. You can use 1-3/8″ tires, 1″ tires (which is the recommended […]

Thule Alternative – The Positz Bike Fork Mount

When asked “What’s a good Thule alternative?” by one of our customers the other day, we thought what a great question that needs to be answered. If you’re looking for a cheaper Thule alternative to the Thule 821 Low Rider Fork Mount Block then we suggest the Positz Bike Fork Mount. Suitable for DIY’ing your […]

Introducing AfterPay – Buy Your Bicycle Gear Online Now, Pay Later

Big announcement coming through this week as we officially confirm we are integrated with AfterPay – a simple way to buy your products online, have them delivered to you like normal, and pay at a later schedule. Now you can Afterpay cycling gear quickly and easily. You know: After – Pay. Got it? So how […]

Cyclist Assaulted by Spectator During Tour of Spain

Check out this video of Katusha professional Maxim Belkov getting assualted by a spectator about 1km before the top of a mountain at this year’s Vuelta a España. It appears as though the spectator’s actions were deliberate and aimed specifically at the Russian rider, before being promptly arrested by the Guarda Civil.

Introducing the Positz Easy Fit Adjustable Bicycle Mini Bell with Thumb Lever

One of the things a lot of Australian cyclists don’t realise is that there is a legal requirement for all bicycles to be fitted with a bell. In fact the law refers to it being an adequate warning device and I’ve heard many riders tell me they’d prefer to use their voice as an “adequate […]

Colnago White Men Can’t Jump Cap Now in Stock

A while back* we blogged about the Colnago White Men Can’t Jump Cap that Wesley Snipes wore in the movie. It was a cool cap from the 1992 hit, and has been an almost impossible to find collector’s item since… That is, until now. Yep the genuine reproduction of these famous caps are now in stock, […]

Just Dropped – Genuine Santini Mapei Cycling Team Summer Kit

It’s loud, bold and particularly ‘out there’. The Mapei cycling team kit has by many been regarded as the best cycling kit of all time. Whilst it might not have been the prettiest of kits, there’s no denying that Mapei is symbolic of road racing in the 1990’s. The list of riders who rode for […]

Is the SBS Using Subliminal Drug References in its 2017 Tour de France Advertising?

The good people at SBS Cycling Central has been recently teasing us with their upcoming coverage of the Tour de France, at what a brilliant job they do may I say. However a colleague of mine pointed out there may be a slightly hidden reference to doping in some of the graphics they’re using.   […]